EETBAR World Cup 2014 Menu

Every weekday during World Cup matches

To Go orders welcome. Call ahead for faster service 206.783.0131


Daily Draft

Tap Special 4
We rotate one of our taps daily as our World Cup special


Classic Caipirinha 5
Traditional Brazilian caipirinha: cachaca, fresh lime & a little simple syrup, served short with crushed rocks. Make it long with a splash of soda
Classic Margarita 5
We freshen up this classic: choose well or jalapeño tequila plus fresh lime and orange juices, just a bit of simple syrup, served short on the rocks
Classic Mojito 5
Simple and refreshing: rum, mint and simple syrup, served short on crushed rocks


Currywurst 6
We had this in Berlin, at the world-famous Curry 36. We use local Bavarian Meats’ Berliner brats with our curry sauce, and roasted potatoes
Tostis 6
Tosti is Dutch for grilled cheese, and they are a staple in Amsterdam’s corner cafes. Served on thick-cut Larsen’s bread. We always have the following: Roasted Jalapeno & pepperjack served with tomato soup for dipping, Brie and apple with honey for dipping & Corned Beef and cabbage w/ Tim’s chips
Pretzel Brezln 5
Large pretzel with salt and we serve them the way they do at beer gardens in Munich: with a special chive butter. Or choose stone ground mustard
Artichoke Parmesan Dip 9
Diced artichoke hearts with parmesan & cream cheeses & a bubbly cheese crust. Served with warm pita


Longanisa 10
Traditionally a breakfast food, but we love it any time of day. Filipino sweet chorizo over garlic fried rice, topped with fried egg and scallion. Served with a side of garlic vinegar
Mac n’ Cheese 10
A Ballard tradition, a must on every menu! Penne pasta, cream, sharp white Tillamook cheddar, topped with crumbled croutons and scallions. Add meat 3


House Salad 4/6
Our house salad is simple yet delicious. Homemade croutons, hand-shaved parmesan, cherry tomatoes and red onion on mixed greens
Soups 5/9+
Our house soup is Tomato Basil (which is vegetarian), topped with our croutons. Ask about other choices


Served with Tim’s chips. Add side salad or cup soup 2

Handsome 10
Our favorite sandwich from Amsterdam’s most famous sandwich shop. Spicy Creminelli calabrese, creamy havarti, cracked black pepper, sliced tomato & arugula on a toasted, larger French roll
Shrimp Po’ Boy 14
We had this at Joe’s in New Orleans: Large shrimp sautéed in Cajun spices, dressed in shredded cabbage, tomato & mayo. Add melted cheddar 2
Portobello 11
Dry-roasted portobello with caramelized onion, mozzarella, tomato, dressed greens & aioli with our Cucumber Green Goddess dip
Nitro 13
This sandwich is our most famous. Our own juicy roast beef, chorizo, mushrooms, pepperjack cheese & chipotle mayo, served au jus